Are You Adaptable? How to Handle Change?

Today the most successful companies are those that adapt to the changing environment. Companies that are quick to change, and adopt new technologies, are the most likely to thrive in an increasingly globalized and uncertain marketplace. If you work for a business that is frequently changing, it can be both a blessing and a curse. The good news is that you’re more likely to keep your job, as companies that shift their strategy often are the most likely to thrive. However, the downside is that as an individual you’ll need to become adaptable within the corporation in order to do the best work.

While some people are naturally good at handling change, other people find it more difficult. If you fall into this group then you understand the stress associated with constant change, and how it can affect you. Thankfully, there are a couple of different strategies that you can use to adapt to change, and become the best version of yourself possible. Try some of these change management strategies and find out which ones work best for your own situation.

  1. Accept That Change is an Inherent Part of Your Job

A common cause of stress is your brain’s battle against reality. That is, people stress themselves out by trying to fight against what’s happening in front of them. If you’re in a situation where you need to be adaptable and deal with constant changes in life, you can make it easier by accepting the changes and addressing them in an upfront fashion. By choosing to do so you’ll feel a weight lifted off your chest, and you’ll start to find that managing change isn’t as hard as you once imagined it.

President Kennedy said: “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are sure to miss the future.”

  1. Find a Way to Deal with Stress Caused by Change

If you find that dealing with changes in life is stressful for you, finding a way to channel your stress should be an essential part of your daily routine. Many people find that meditation is an effective and free way to deal with stress. In fact, when Tim Ferriss interviews celebrities and entrepreneurs on his podcast, he’s found that about 80% of them have a daily meditation routine. Of course, you can relieve stress using any routine that works for you. Reading, exercising, and playing sports are all great ways to get rid of pent up stress.

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  1. Anticipate Change and be Grateful for it

When looked at from a healthy viewpoint, change can actually be a way for you to enjoy success in business. If you’re more prepared to deal with it than your coworkers, you’ll quickly stand out as a person who is good with the adaptation process, and can help the business to grow. Winston Churchill said: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. By changing your attitude towards change you can be that adaptable person that that management recognizes at once.

  1. Be the Person Who Knows the Most About the Change Management Process

After you’ve learned how to deal with change, you can fulfill the role as the person in your organization who others look to when a new change is implemented. By making a name for yourself as a person who is comfortable managing change, you can become invaluable to your co-workers who are less comfortable with the process. This is another way to make a name for yourself, which can be especially useful if you work in a large organization.

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  1. Suggest Ideas for Change

At some point, you’ll probably want to start suggesting changes yourself. You’ll see opportunities to make positive changes in life, and positive changes for your company as well. Sometimes you’ll be able to implement these changes yourself, but most of the time you’ll want to get management on board before you do anything too serious. However, as you know by now, business success comes from constantly changing. If you work for an adaptable company they’ll realize this and will be ready to listen to your suggestions.

Companies Who Have Successfully Changed Themselves

To appreciate just how crucial change is to success in business, it’s useful to look at some examples of real world companies who have changed their product for the better. Today these organizations are flourishing, which wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been ready to deal with the change management process.

TwitterMost people who use Twitter probably aren’t aware that it was originally conceived as a way for people to find podcasts to subscribe to. Furthermore, it wasn’t called Twitter, but Odeo. The service was gaining popularity just when iTunes began to introduce podcasts to its online catalogue. Fearing that the music behemoth would take over their business, the company gave its employees two weeks to come up with new ideas for a company wide change. Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone came up with the idea for a microblogging platform, and Twitter was born.

WrigleyFounded in the 1890’s by William Wrigley Jr, the company originally sold soap and baking powder to people. With each purchase they received a free pack of the chewing gum that the company made. When it became clear that the gum itself was a bigger draw than the soap, Wrigley started focussing solely on it, and the company now grosses billions of dollars every year.

Managing Change in Your Life

You’re going to experience changes in life, whether it’s in your personal life or what’s going on at work. Change is inevitable, and it’s crucial to be open to it. By being an adaptable person you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else, you can create a situation where other people come to you to get change management strategies. This can easily make you a trusted employee, and it will increase your likelihood of standing out and being next in line for a promotion. When it comes to change, don’t take a passive stance. Master the adaptation process and you’ll reap the benefits in all areas of your life.

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