Top Ten Books on Selling

Experience is essential in the process of learning a skill. Without getting out in the world and practicing the skill, you’ll never stand a chance of mastering it. However, once you are getting the experience to build a skill, books can become an awesome help. They’ll give you a chance to learn about a skill straight from masters in the field. If your field is selling, then the following ten books will be awesome at helping you to grow your skill set and make more sales than ever before.

1. Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion

Dr. Robert Cialdini’s seminal text, Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion, looks deeply at a single question: what gets people to say yes? Whether that’s a kid agreeing to eat his vegetables, or a corporation agreeing to give you a million dollar contract, there are underlying principles that can be applied to get the answer you’re looking for. Incredibly well received, this book is a must read on the art of persuasion, and how you can apply that to selling.

2. Secrets of Closing the Sale

Zig Zagler, apart from having one of the most interesting names imaginable, is also a gifted salesman. His core principles of selling laid the groundwork for generations to come after him. Many people have written books on selling since Secrets of Closing the Sale, and very few have come close to matching this incredibly informative work.

3. The Little Red Book of Selling

Short and easy to read , The Little Red Book of Selling is designed to be easy to read and learn from. What’s unique about The Little Red Book of Selling is that it doesn’t focus on short term results. Instead, Jeffrey Gitomer looks at how you can grow your sales career or business in the long term, and achieve lasting results. This book is packed with solid advice about how to make selling a way of life, not just a skill practiced during working hours.

4. Go for No!

Not only will Go for No! Teach you about sales, it’s an interesting read as well. The plot revolves around a salesman who is transported ten years into the future. There, he finds himself wildly successful. He then communicates back to his former self all of the useful information that he’s learned about selling and how to become successful. Informative and interesting, Go for No! Is an enjoyable read which an astounding 84% of people gave a 5 star review to on Amazon.

5. SPIN Selling

SPIN Selling is based on a great deal of research. Neil Rackman and his team studied more than 35,000 sales calls made by 10,000 salespeople in just shy of two dozen countries. Using that massive amount of data, Rackman and his team have been able to draw some lasting conclusions about selling, and how to do it successfully.

6. The Go-Giver

The 1980s saw an influx of management, marketing, and sales books. Few have stood the test of time as well as The Go-Giver. This book has trended towards the top of the Amazon charts for selling since the site’s inception, and it doesn’t show any signs of moving. It’s written through the parable of a hot-shot executive who meets a legendary sale’s consultant. These interactions teach the executive (and you) the laws of stratospheric success. This is a book that you can’t afford to pass up.

Influence Matters Workshop


7. To Sell is Human

In To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink argues that we sell much more than we ever guess. We convince our friends and family to take certain actions, we sell our friends on a book they should read or a movie they should see. Pink believes that we’re selling all the time, and his argument has a point. Along with convincing the reader of this point of view, he also shares some ideas about how to relate to clients, and how to give first, and then try for the sale second.

8. The Greatest Salesman in the World

More than just a guide to getting the sale, The Greatest Salesman in the World is a guide to developing the habits that will bring you success in life. The book is designed to be read over a certain period of time, while you take breaks to digest the information and implement the principles into your life. If you decide to read this book, you should take the time to read it slowly, as the instructions say to do.

9. How to Master the Art of Selling

Tom Hopkins has had a massive influence on the field of sales. In How to Master the Art of Selling. Hopkins was one of the first people to recognize that one of the core principles of selling anything is overcoming your own fears and focusing on what benefits you can offer to the customer. This book can help you to integrate a sales orientated mindset into your daily life.

10. Strategic Selling

Strategic Selling does a great job of talking about how a company’s sales strategy can make or break its success. It dives deep into sales funnels, and how to keep them full even in cyclical industries that constantly experience fluctuating demand. One of the techniques that Strategic Selling uses to teach you about selling is to looking at successful films. The authors break down these movies and point out why they were successful, and how you can emulate that success in your own sales career.

The ability to sell a product or an idea is an incredibly powerful skill to have. Without a great group of salesman a company can flounder, and its success is far from guaranteed. If you’re a salesman, saleswoman, or you want to break into the industry, the ten books above are instrumental in finding success. They’ve all had a large influence on the industry, and you can find their ideas rippling through hundreds of other, less potent, books available today. Save time and money by reading the ten books above, and you’ll be well on your way to finding success in your sales career!

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